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10 Reasons You Should Use a Recruitment Consultant When Looking for Work

Monday, 05 October 2015

Businesses have clear choices for choosing a recruitment agency - they get the right candidate, in a short time frame saving valuable time and resources. Job seekers however often ask: Why would I go through an agency? 

Listed below is 10 reasons why you SHOULD consider a qualified Recruitment Consultant to handle your application.

1. Professional representation

Good recruitment consultants don’t just email off your resume to prospective employers. They have worked on building relationships with hiring managers, who in turn trust their opinion. A recruitment consultant will ‘sell’ you into a company, so that a manager can’t wait to read your resume when it does eventually arrive in their inbox. A recommendation from a consultant will put your resume on the top of the pile, while a typical emailed application might just disappear among the masses.

2. Access to hidden markets

Recruitment consultants are in the business of knowing. They recognise specifics about upcoming opportunities. For example; they may have just interviewed a CEO who has resigned, which will shift the focus of the entire company. A consultant is always networking, and as such they learn about upcoming projects. They recognise seasonal shifts and prepare for them well in advance. And what about all of those urgent roles that aren’t advertised? You can bet a recruitment consultant is sourcing for these openings long before the company even knows they have a vacancy.

3. They won't annoy your past employer

Using a recruitment agency reduces the number of times your referees are contacted, which is important if you want a glowing report from your past manager.

4. Thinking outside the box

Sometimes your career path needs a fresh perspective. A good recruitment consultant can recognise a diamond in the rough; perhaps your mixture of laboratory experience and that stint you did in a call centre (which you are thinking of taking off your resume) makes you the perfect candidate for an entry level technical sales role. Recruitment agencies can also put you in touch with companies you haven't even heard of. Your next big break might be an opportunity you never would have considered yourself.

5. It saves you time

How much time have you wasted rewriting a resume and/or cover letter for different roles where you never made it past the first round. If you choose the right recruitment agent you only have to apply once. Recruitment consultants can also offer the opportunity for repeat work, a temporary job while they help you find ‘the one’. Recruitment consultants are also very efficient at screening, and chase up managers for feedback, so you will get feedback sooner about the status of your application, whether it be negative or positive.

6. Resume and interviewing support

Many job seekers have only ever written one resume. Recruiters look at hundreds of resumes just like yours every week; the good, the bad and the ugly. They can provide you with suggestions on the key elements you should highlight. If you have any formatting or spelling errors they should point them out to you. They could also let you know information about courses or certificates which would improve your profile. When it gets to interview stage a recruiter will have in-depth knowledge about the why the role is open, the personality of the interviewer and what he/she is looking for. They even know who your competition is. This will ensure you give a great interview.

7. Confidentiality

A recruitment consultant won’t give out your contact details, and can keep your job hunt confidential if you are currently employed. This anonymity is double fold, protecting your personal details and making you look exclusive and desirable to potential employers. 

Salary negotiation

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part and a company has offered you a role. The problem? The salary is much lower than you expected. If you accept the current salary you probably won’t get another option to review it until a whole year. If you push back for more the client might walk away, and you really want this job! Salary negotiation is a dance, and recruitment consultants know it well. It is in the consultants’ best interests to know the salary range, to know what you are worth, and to make sure you get it.

9. You've got a friend

When you start a new role, the relationship with your recruitment agent is not over. Give them a call to let them know how you are settling in. Agents are well aware of the stresses that are associated with settling into a new position, and can provide an ear outside of your new workplace. If the role you got was a casual or contract position, its likely the agency pays your wages (on time) and looks after your health and safety, they are your offsite Human Resource contact.

10. It’s FREE

Registering your details as a candidate with an agency won’t cost you a cent! So why wouldn't you?

Taking all of this into account it’s important that you choose the best recruiter. How do you recognise the best? Choose a consultant who specialises in your area, who will recognise your skill set and is not just a ‘generalist’. 

Grade your consultant on the points above, and start making them work for you!

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